LA Music Awards

If you want to start a band, then you may want to place ads searching for band members. For example, you will want to place drummer wanted ads in local newspapers or online forums. If you are trying to start a band, then you may want to become familiar with the LA music awards, as this award show is the biggest music award show for independent artists and bands.

What Exactly Are The LA Music Awards Show

This particular award show is actually the one of the largest, and longest running independent music awards program around. In matter of fact, the awards show has been around for 24 years now, and as you can guess, it is held in the city of Los Angeles, California.

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Where Is The Show Held

As previously mentioned, the awards show is held in Los Angeles. However, it is worth noting that the show is not held in one specific spot. They are held in different locations in Hollywood. If you have plans on attending the show, then you will want to find out where they are going to be before you purchase tickets.

Musicians Who Will Perform

This year's award show will host performers such as Mahkenna, Phil Celia, Stacy Robin and Angelo Borer The Crazy Feet Company. All of these performers are very talented, and people in attendance will find that their music is flawless and entertaining.

Does It Benefit Artists And Bands

The LA Awards Show benefits artists and bands in a major way, and that is because the nominees are typically lesser known than the artists that are signed with major record labels. Lesser known artists are able to gain even more exposure when they attend the show, perform at the show and when they win awards.

How To Become Nominated

In order to become nominated for an award, you will need to have a product that is great, just as the major artists did to have when they are nominated for major awards. If you want to be nominated, then you will need to meet some requirements. For example, you will need to attend at least three press events that the show puts on every single year, but if you want to increase the chances of being nominated, then you should attend every single press event that is held. The more you promote yourself and your product, and the better your music is, the better the chances of being nominated are.

The Awards

Some of the awards that are given out are the singersongwriters of the year, albums of the year, artists and bands of the year, singles of the year, music video of the year, and social media artist of the year. Every single year dozens of independent artists are given awards for their accomplishments and contributions to the industry.

If you are interested in learning more about the LA Awards Show, then you can visit their official site, as they have up-to-date information regarding the awards show.